Saturday, 29 December 2012

Union in Englisch - International Fan Club for the English Speaking Unioner

The Founders

Andrew Cherrie is an Oxford United fan who spent a lot of time in Berlin when his girlfriend was in the city for a 6 month stint. He fell in love with Union.

Mark Wilson moved to Berlin just after Germany thumped England in the 2010 World Cup. He chose Union rather than Hertha, eventually traded his Sunderland season ticket for that of Union and started this blog to chart his first season as an Unioner.

Union in Englisch - how we started

Andrew approached Mark about setting up a fan club for English speakers in autumn 2012. Mark thought it was a good idea as via his blog he'd realised there was a lot of interest in Union. Not just from English speaking Berliners but from people around the globe who follow Eisern Union. It's early days but after a few beers at TeBe and a match at Union the two lads though they would give it a go.

Twitter, Facebook and Gmail

Currently you can contact us via @unioninenglisch on Twitter and via e.mail

For news, links and pictures check out our Facebook page here.


We hope to fund a half-decent website and purchase a huge flag with the proceeds of our first batch of limited edition stickers (see below).

Where we are now

We've written to the club to seek some advice on becoming an official fan club and are continuing to forge links with other relevant associations such as the Eiserne Botschafter.

Our aims

We're just two blokes who love Union who want to provide English speakers with some news and ticket information. We're keen to help people integrate and understand the rich history of the club. We're also interested in meeting fellow football fans who share our passion for 1.FC Union Berlin.


We've designed some stickers and boldly ordered 1,000. You can buy them from us using paypal. The cost is 20 stickers for £2.50 or 50 stickers for £5.00. That is inclusive of postage and packing within Europe. Please ask for a quote if you live outside Europe. 

UnioninEnglisch sticker 2012 1/1000
To secure your stickers, and a chance to win an unmissable (but for now top secret) prize, send your paypal payment to

Please select the "friends and family" option as this reduces our costs (thanks Matt!)

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